Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Upcoming Swine Flu Pandemic: Labelling Vaccine Resistors As "Extremists"!

There is definitely a battle going on for the public minds. One camp is trying to persuade people that there is a pandemic approaching and that they MUST take their prescribed swine flu "vaccine" as a method of preventing their own deaths. The other camp is warning people about the dangers of the prescribed "vaccine" and that the pandemic is a lot of hype done to purposely scare people into taking the vaccine. With more evidence coming out that shows that the swine flu pandemic is indeed a lot of hype, people are now turning against taking the vaccine period!

The governments now realize that they cannot easily persuade people to take their prescribed vaccines. Therefore, they are resorting to tactics such as labelling people as either criminals or extremists if they do not take their shots! Here is an article that I found through that states that the Chief Medical Officer in England is serious about branding anyone who refuses the vaccine as "extremists"! My notes to follow:

Comments ignorant of public backlash against swine flu shot

Steve Watson
Friday, Oct 30, 2009

The Chief Medical Officer in England has described those who are speaking out against the mass swine flu vaccination campaign as “extremists”.

The comment made by Sir Liam Donaldson, the government’s senior advisor on health matters, was highlighted in a Times of London article today.

“We have had a lot of unfair public criticism and attacks in an attempt to scare people about a vaccine that’s potentially life-saving,” Donaldson said in reference to anti-vaccination posters depicting the H1N1 shot as a “weapon of mass destruction”.

“We have seen it before with vaccines like MMR [the combined jab for measles, mumps and rubella], and now extremists are doing the same thing again.” he added.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Health Secretary added:

“Vaccination is our best defence against this virus and I urge everyone who is in the priority groups to accept the vaccine when invited to do so.”

Donaldson’s remarks are ill thought out considering the fact that senior neurologists have voiced concerns over the adjuvants in the H1N1 flu vaccine and the fact that it has beenrushed through safety procedures, with manufacturers provided with blanket immunity from potential lawsuits.

In addition, multiple opinion polls have revealed that half of GPs in Britain have severe reservations and doubts over the safety of the shot.

A much larger Nursing Times magazine poll in August also found that 30% of all frontline nurses said they would refuse to be immunized, with another 33% saying they were unsure over the vaccine.

50% of pregnant women in the UK have also said they will refuse the vaccine.

No matter, apparently the government believes you are an “extremist” if you don’t shut up and take it.

Donaldson’s comment is also especially relevant in the wake of news that police in Britain havedefined political activism as “domestic extremism” and are treating people who attend demonstrations as criminals, cataloguing them on multiple national databases.

NTS Notes: This is bordering on lunacy! The governments are going overboard in their attempts to obviously FORCE people to take their vaccines. What is their purpose in doing this? We now know that the vaccine is worse than the flu itself, and will weaken the body's own immune system. Is there something nefarious about the government's actions then? You, the readers, obviously must judge for yourselves.

My recommendations do not change in spite of the government rhetoric. Take your vitamins, especially Vitamin D. Keep yourselves healthy by eating right and keeping your bodies free of their poisons, and you most certainly will reduce your risks of getting swine flu!

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